D&D 4e: Heroes of Dragonswatch

Session 1
The Contest Begins

Butler, Jacob’s Warforged Warlord
Theon Strongarmor, James’s Human Paladin
Wil, William’s Razorclaw Shifter Rogue
Jenna Swiftfoot, Jessi’s Halfling Ranger
Elorin, Daniel’s Eladrin Wizard

The party is paired off against Ahkriis(Dragonborn Sorcerer), Ilican(Drow Ranger), Petril(Half-Elf Rogue), Belvarax(Dragonborn Paladin), and Aukan(Goliath Barbarian).

Jenna Swiftfoot targets Petril with Careful Attack (Ranged)
11 vs 15 AC = Miss
Jenna Swiftfoot: Rats!
Theon Strongarmor: I’ll take on the paladin!
Jenna Swiftfoot: Um, Butler, I missed. That’s not a victory. Do you have to shout?
Theon Strongarmor: Say, you sneaky types should get cover at the sides.
Jenna Swiftfoot: Who are you calling a sneaky type?
Theon Strongarmor: The ranger and the rogue, who else?
Butler: Well it may not have been your victory, in that battle he was the best
Jenna Swiftfoot: ok
Jenna Swiftfoot moves two squares closer to get a better shot next round
Theon Strongarmor: Fine. Butler and I head out in front, and you all fire from cover.
Butler: hey dude I got a missile weapon too. You are the tank of this party
Theon Strongarmor: Yes, but you would do better where you can use that and your sword. And for your information, I have a whole 1 handaxe I can throw. And have I drawn my sword?
Butler: Yeah, you have 1 hand ax. I have an infinite number of bolts.
Theon Strongarmor: Boohoo, it’s just we need some people for melee
Petril throws a dagger at James
(7)3 = 10 Miss!
Ahkriis casts Burning Spray
(1)4 = 5 Miss!
Jenna Swiftfoot: No guys they’re getting closer
Theon Strongarmor: And I’m being attacked.
3 = 19
Jenna Swiftfoot: well snap and a half, that’s gotta hurt
Theon Strongarmor: well butter my behind and call me a biscuit
Ilican rolling 1d6+3
(6)3= 9
Theon takes 9 damage
Jenna Swiftfoot: ooh
Belvarax uses Valiant Strike on Theon
Belvarax: 13 vs 18 AC: Miss!
Wil Throws a Shuriken at Ilican
3= 23
9 damage.
Elorin casts Magic Missile
Elorin: 5 vs Ref: Miss!
Elorin:D’arvit! I missed!
Butler targets Belvarax with Bastion of Defense
Butler: 19 vs AC
Hit: 39 Damage
Allies within 5 squares of you gain a 1 power bonus to all defenses until the end of the encounter.
Effect: Allies within 5 squares of you gain 7 temporary hit points.
Jenna Swiftfoot: Good one!
James P.: Booh-Yah, you da man Butler! Or the robot i guess.
Jenna Swiftfoot: Good work, Butler!
Butler: One down 4 to go
Aukan targets Butler with Howling Strike
rolling 1d20
4 vs AC
(18)+4 = 22: Hit!
Damage: 24


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